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The Introduction and the connection method of HDPE Steel Reinforced Wound Drainage Pipe Machines

 HDPE Steel Reinforced Wound Drainage Pipe is made of steel-plastic composite profiled strip by the spiral wound (lap surface extrusion welding) welding, its inner surface is smooth and flat, the specification is DN200 to DN2600mm.It has many features, such as corrosion resistance, light quality, easy installation, large flow, and long service life (50 years) and so on. Practice proves that the products are used to replace high energy-consumption materials (cement, iron, ceramics, etc.) pipe and it belongs to the environmental-friendly product.

  HDPE steel reinforced wound drainage pipe machines is our country’s  independent intellectual property rights, the world leading level, green and    environmental, saving energy and reducing consumption of high-tech composite pipe products. The products are mainly used as underground pipes, It has rigidity of steel strip and corrosion resistance of polyethylene, low friction resistance, resistance to wear, etc. The product as Qingdao Ruijie Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.'s main product has been sold inside and outside of Shandong province and it widely used in the municipal engineering, sewage treatment plant and other key project construction.

The good features:
  Light weight, easy security, sealed performance is good, low construction cost
  The Steel Reinforced Wound Drainage Pipe has high stiffness weight ratio, so it is lighter than any other plastic pipe with the same ring stiffness  .

The ring stiffness is safe and reliable
  Because of the steel-plastic
material elastic modulus ratio is more than 200, weight ratio greater than 7.85, therefore, compared with pure plastic pipe, steel belt reinforced pipe (especially large diameter pipes) has enough safety ring stiffness and relatively high stiffness weight ratio .

Abnormal sudden load resistance is strong
  Because of pipe ring stiffness is high, the axial flexibility is good, when soil uneven settlement, the lifting of groundwater, ground local load is too large, the sudden load and disasters such as earthquake, pipe by elastic deformation to solving the resulting stress, pipe joints can’t due to excessive stress and deformation under disclosure or destruction

  Black high density polyethylene (PE) pipe has been passed inspection of the department of Health and can be used widely .

The inner surface is smooth
  Polyethylene (PE) pipe smooth inner surface will make to minimize the energy loss caused by the friction . The pipe is not easy to produce sediment. Flow resistance is 20 ~ 30% lower than cement pipe. Polyethylene (PE) pipe inner surface is smooth, small friction coefficient, and the sediment in the pipeline is very not easy to create . And the friction is almost the same after long time using.

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life
  Because of the ability of corrosion resistance ,so polyethylene (PE) pipe can be used in the transmission of acid, alkali and other corrosive liquid, and can be installed in the swamps, wet and other corrosive environment, the chemical resistance properties can be found in the ESO/TR 10358 standard.
  High density polyethylene (PE) pipe service life is four times longer than steel pipe. Installation of polyethylene (PE) pipe is heating fusion welding, so can guarantee the strength of the joints and to avoid leakage.
  The service life of high density polyethylene (PE) pipe is
up to fifty years.

Flexibility, no leakage, impact resistant.
  Polyethylene (PE) pipe is good in flexibility, which makes pipe can easily placed along the ground, easy to avoid the obstacles in the process of laying and adapt to the swamp area and the soil settlement in soil subsidence areas.

  Leak-off connection electric welding, butt welding, both of sealing performance and environmental performance can be simple tools manual sealing connection, no machinery, is very convenient, reliable and no leakage
  Polyethylene (PE) pipe has high impact resistance, and therefore will be not broken or damaged in the process of installation and transportation.


  Polyethylene (PE) pipe material are resistance to UV because of stable carbon black pigment inside pipe, and thus can be placed in the outdoor or long-term used outdoors and don't have to worry about pipeline performance changing.

The municipal engineering: used for underground water drainage, drainage pipe.
The road engineering: used for railway, highway of permeation and drain.
The industry: widely used in industrial fields of drain pipe.
The construction projects: used for building storm pipes, underground drainage pipe, sewage pipe, vent pipe, etc.
The landfill’s sewage collection tube.
The big port, wharf engineering: large airport, port, wharf engineering’s drainage pipe, etc.
The sports venues: used as golf, football and other sports venues ‘s drain pipe.
The water conservancy project: used for water
supply pipe, irrigation pipe.
The ore field: used for mine ventilation, air supply, water drainage, slurry pipe.
The communication pipe: railway, highway communication, communication cable,  protection of fiber optic cable etc.
The water storage system: used to water storage system of slow-flowing.
The agricultural engineering: used for farmland and forest, garden, tea garden irrigation and drainage.
The Sea water pipeline.
The Channel access.


The connection method

Clamp flexible connection

Electric heating melt belt connection

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