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Introduction of The PVC free foamed board production line and the PVC crust foamed board production line
The chemical composition of PVC foam board is polyvinyl chloride (PVC),So it is also called foamed PVC board. It is widely used in the bus and train’s car ceiling, the core layer board, interior decoration and cladding wall, internal decoration plate, compartment, commercial decorative frame, no-dust room board, ceiling board, screen printing, computerized carving, advertising signs, sign boards, photo albums board and other industries usage, chemical anti-corrosion project, thermoforming board, refrigeration storage board , special cold insulation project, the environmental-friendly board, sports equipment, breeding material, seashore damp-proof installation, waterproof material, art materials and various light partitions instead of glass ceiling, etc. According to the production process,  PVC foam board can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board
The surface hardness of PVC crust foam board is very high . It is used in furniture board ,decoration board ,formwork and so on.
 The surface hardness of PVC free foam board is common.  It is used in advertising hoardings, screen printing, engraving, etc.
The feature of the PVC free foamed board:
Surface: can printing, can be coated or made into various colors, with characteristic of flame retardant, moisture-proof, acid-resisting, long service life, high strength, non-toxic, anti-aging ability strong, can be hot forming, etc;
 Appearance: give a person with decorous, comfortable feeling, and can be nailed, drilling, planing, axing, riveting, adhesive and so on, easy to manufacture, has the processing performance of wood.
 Environmental-friendly: to save valuable forest resources, save energy and protect the ecological environment and has big significance for promote the continuous development of human society .
 Applications: advertising industry board , road nameplate, decoration, furniture production, water and the underground project, construction project, chemical storage tank lining and other aspects of the application in chemical project, such as the construction of chemical plating bath, packaging materials and packaging containers and so on.
The feature of the PVC crust foam board:
1.Product is not transparent, the surface is matte finished  , can be printed
2.With characteristics of sound insulation, heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing, shake-proof and so on.
3.Flame retardancy, when be taken away from the fire, the board is self-extinguishing .
4.Moistureproof,  mouldproof, not absorbent, resistant to acid and alkali.
5.After adding the color masterbatch, the product can be made into a variety of colors
6.After made of weather resistance formula , the color can be constant for a long time, not easy ageing
7.Can be nail, planing, drilling, sawing, processing as wood, can us the same processing tool as the wood board .
8.The finished product can be secondary thermoforming and folding processing, can be directly bonding with other PVC materials.
9.This product is light. Storage ,transportation and construction is convenient.

Product performance:
The Suitable temperature:- 50℃ to 70℃
The heating temperature:70 ℃ to 120℃
The bending strength:45.6mpa
Life: not less than 50 years
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