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Introduction of plastic corrugated pipe
Plastic corrugated pipe, depending on the material used , can be divided into "HDPE corrugated pipe" "UPVC corrugated pipe", "PP corrugated pipe," etc., in which PVC corrugated pipe current production is large. Plastic corrugated pipe in the structural design using a special "ring groove" type profiled form. This pipe is designed newly, with reasonable structure, breaking the "plate" traditional structures ordinary pipe, so that pipes have both sufficient compressive strength and impact strength,  also has good flexibility.
Depending on structure of plastic corrugated pipes, corrugated pipes can be divided into single wall corrugated pipe and double wall corrugated pipe.
Single wall corrugated pipe refers to plastic pipe with corrugation in inner and outer walls  , with high rigidity, can be bent , can be rolled in infinite length.
Double wall corrugated pipe refers to plastic pipe with smooth inner wall and outer wall having a corrugation (corrugated shape can be right angles, trapezoid, sinusoid, etc.), which is made simultaneously extruded corrugated outer wall and smooth inner wall . In addition to its good corrosion resistance, high insulation, wall smooth flow resistance characteristics is small same as ordinary plastic , due to the use of a special hollow ring structure , so its stiffness, strength and toughness is high. Compared with ordinary plastic pipe, if meet the same strength and stiffness requirements, the double wall corrugated pipe can save 30% -50% material. Such pipe with better technical and economic ability. Its transportation and installation is easy. Double wall corrtugated pipe can reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the total investment of project.
Single wall corrugated pipe can be widely used at golf courses, sports fields and other light loads situation for water drainage and seepage; indoor decoration wire casing; automotive wire casing; prestressed anchor sleeve; air conditioner water drainage pipes.
Double-wall corrugated pipe can be widely applied in high way , slope, golf courses and other heavy loads situation for water drainage and seepage ; municipal sewage; communications and power supply cable casing and other occasions.
The characteristics of plastic corrugated pipe 
Good flexibility
Anti-twisting, high bending performance, can withstand heavy loads; anti-acid/oil/coolant, etc.,  shiny surface, anti- rubbing.
Carrying capacity
Can withstand heavy foot-step , not broken, not deformation, can quickly recover, and itself without any damage.
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