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PVC crust foamed board production line, PVC wood plastic building template production line

PVC crust foamed board production line, PVC wood plastic building template production line
Crust foaming plate using plug card (Celuka) foaming technology, compared with the free foaming surface smooth and flat, not only has higher layer hardness and rigidity, mechanical properties, better than that of the free body.PVC crust foam sheet extrusion equipment by different to conical twin-screw extruder, plate mold, eight roller traction such as auxiliary parts.Application prospect is very broad, which are widely used in high-grade ambry furniture, advertising engraving materials, building decoration materials, decoration materials within cars, trains, ships, etc.

PVC crust foamed board 

PVC crust foamed board, has a sound insulation, sound-absorbing, heat insulation, thermal insulation performance, etc.

Can the board with flame retardant, self-extinguishing fire security, safe to use.

Various series products have moistureproof, mouldproof, not the performance of water absorption, and the earthquake effect is good.

After each series of products made by weather resistance formula, its colour and lustre is permanent, not easy ageing.This product is light, storage and transportation, construction is convenient.

PVC crust foamed board using general woodworking tool construction.

Like wood for nail, planing, drilling, sawing, such as processing.

Can be used in hot forming, heat bending and folding processing.

According to the general welding procedure, can also be bonding with other PVC materials.

This product is its smooth surface, also the printing.Need to wipe clean surface before (printing).

PVC crust foamed board application

Home decoration, construction template, bath cabinet plate, plate furniture, decoration plate, all kinds of family in the shelf

Transportation, ship, plane, bus, railway car, ceiling, box body of the core layer, internal decoration with boards.

Architectural decoration industry: in the cladding, decorative plates, residential buildings, offices, public buildings, commercial decorative frame, compartment clean room with board, ceiling board.

Advertising: screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, sign boards, with boards.

Industrial applications: chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoformed piece, cold storage with plate, special cold insulation engineering, environmental protection with plate.

Other USES: templates, sports equipment, breeding material, seashore damp-proof installation, water resistant material, graphic materials, various light partitions

Areas of application: advertising engraving materials, building and decoration materials, decoration materials and furniture inside the cars, trains, ships doors and Windows material, etc

PVC wood plastic building templates, PVC wood plastic crust foaming template introduction

Description of products: a whole new generation of PVC wood plastic building template is based on science and technology as the guide, after repeated research and experiment, the introduction of domestic optimal technology again with the help of advanced production equipment to create a new type of building materials.

Scope: industrial and civil building, the elevator apartments, villas, industrial workshop etc

Roads, Bridges, tunnels, water conservancy project

Metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, warehouse, and other areas of the building

Performance characteristics:

Sheet 1) high strength, high tenacity, in the normal use - 50 ℃ to 60 ℃, thermal expansion coefficient is close to 0, heat preservation is good, not easy deformation, under normal conditions can be repeatedly used above 25 times, reduce construction cost.

2) uv (aging) resistance, fire retardant (with self-extinguishing) insulation performance is reliable, the surface is bright and clean level off, non-absorbent, deformation and secondary processing.

3) on the ground 10 tons of truck crush this product does not pose any harm, bearing is about 5 tons per square metre.

4) 20 meters high falls to the ground on the same shall not constitute any damage to goods.

5) in case of damage, can be one hundred percent recovery, regeneration, reduce the waste pollution to the environment, accord with a country to create the basic state policy of economical society.

6) specifications whole, light weight, weight per square meter of only 9.3 kg, safe and reliable, low labor intensity, operation and handling (0.915 m wide, arbitrary length, thickness of 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm) or specified thickness

7) surface smooth, easy tear and concrete, need not besmear brushs release agent, without maintenance cost, to speed up the construction progress, help to realize the water concrete.

8) secondary processability similar wood: can according to, planing, drilling, screw, glue, screws,The power that grasp a hammer (nail no broken, no crack, no Fried)

9) the overall high strength, good elasticity, hardness is strong, high toughness, can put in the open air, no softening, winter and summer brittleness.

10) strong antimicrobial properties, prevent mist sex strong, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, especially suitable for the high, low and damp environment use), the termite, insect-resistant eat by moth, rat bite, fire prevention, prevent ultraviolet light, electricity, heat insulation, which significantly improve the template turnover use number (can customize special specifications according to the size of the template).

11) 12 meters height is still under the entire 3 square, 23 kg of plank, no damage, no deformation after landing.

12) and dismantling mode of portable, safe and reliable operation and handling, low labor intensity, saving labor, high construction efficiency, with wood plywood and other materials plate using and high cost performance, no maintenance cost, to speed up the construction, progress, shorten the construction period, reusable 25 to 40.

13) after the completion of the project in mixed concrete surface is smooth, neat edges and corners, edges, without having to touch the second ash, save construction cost.

Test items PVC wood-plastic construction telplate Bamboo glue Wooden template Steel formwork
Flammability B2 retardant No flam NO flame flame
Recyclability Recyclable Non-recyclable Non-recyclable Non-recyclable
Absorbing deformation Notsuck,not deform Suction ,vvariable type Suction ,variable type Suction ,variable type
Stripping process easy moderate moderate difficult
Use release agent no required required required
Customer specified size possible not not not
Anti-corrosion,acid andalkali resistance superior poor poor poor
Surface treatment fee 0 0 0 10
reusable ≧25 8 5 30
Each time(元/㎡) 2.06 8 5.37 6
PVC crust foamed board production line
PVC wood plastic building template production line
PVC wood plastic building template production line

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