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PVC imitation Marble Profiles Extrusion Line
 PVC imitation Marble Profiles Extrusion Line mainly produces  PVC imitation marble profile.

 New design, with the latest technology: the raw material is PVC plastic and calcium carbonate, after extruding and the special surface treating, the final product is beautiful marble. It can  100% replace real stone or marble and with longer service time, easier cutting.

Raw material : PVC+ Calcium carbonate + stabilizer and other chemical additives



1. Used as background wall frame for the TV, sofa, etc.;

2. Used as the door frame for great decorative effect, etc.;

3. Used as the decorative ceiling corner, etc.;

4. Used for the hotel, restaurant, living room and many other places;

5. Door frame , edge banding, press line, skirting, borders, Vertex angle line, pull through plate, ect.


Production line:

PVC raw materials Mixing system

1. Spiral Loader or Vacuum auto Loader

1 set

2. High speed Heating Cooling Mixer unit

1 set

PVC imitation Marble Profiles Extrusion Line

1. Spring Loader

1 set

2. SJZ65/132 Conical double screw Extruder

1 set

3. Mold/Die

1 set

4. Vacuum calibration Table

1 set

5. Hot stamping machine

Multiple sets

6. Haul off unit

1 set

7. Cutting unit

1 set

8. Stacker

1 set

Profiles Recycling machines

1. Sheet/Plate Crusher/Grinder

1 set

2. PVC Pulverizer/Miller

1 set

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